954_webb_1024x683The AERTOs Community coordinates strategic foresight and initiates research activities of strategic importance for its members.

As an analogy to EUs Joint Programming Initiative, the AERTOs Community partners leverage their internal funding in support of complementary activities in specific areas. To date, the following activities have been launched:

  •  AERTOs Program on Offshore Wind Energy (2010-2011)
  •  AERTOs Program on Energy Efficient Buildings (2010-2011)
  •  AERTOs Program on Value from Waste Initiative (2012-2013)
  • AERTOs Program on Biobased Economy Initiative (2014 – 2016)

These programs support networking, conduct necessary research to establish new areas of expertise in support of sustainable growth.

Six pilot projects have already been completed in the programs on Offshore Wind Energy and on Energy Efficient Building. Over 2 years, the participating organizations have jointly committed 2.5 M€ for those 6 projects through their in-kind contributions. The impacts have been successful applications for industrial, national and European projects, common publications and oral conferences, exchange of researchers in one project and applications in progress under H2020.

The first outcomes of the Value from Waste Initiative are also numerous: 21 common publications and 25 presentations, the launch of 4 large new projects and many other project initiatives are initiated. Starting with a 3.5 M€ investment in the program, the partners share now a portfolio on related activities of about 15M€.

700_1024x683The new program on Biobased Economy is equally ambitious. All the RTOs of the AERTOs Community have significant know-how and infrastructures in the chosen research areas and will therefore have an added value by combining their efforts. The expected impacts to the European bio economy are for example to overcome selected technical hurdles in the innovation value chain and to foster the European expertise and specialization by increasing TRL levels in the technologies.

Besides the sharing of knowledge, research and analytical procedures, as well as research facilities and infrastructures in the short term, this program also aims in the long term to create a virtual research center and joint offering, generating significant innovations and scientific findings.

Participants in Aertos