The AERTOs Community arose from the AERTOS ERANET- project (Associated European research and technology organizations) that was funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework program (Grant agreement Ref. 219340).

AERTOS rationale was to foster greater RTO cooperation within Europe. The aim was to achieve important efficiency gains by exploiting synergies and avoiding duplication of effort, thereby further strengthening the European innovation potential.

Start of a new community

After 4 years of successful operation the AERTOs project was officially completed on March 31st, 2012. The results achieved in the project went far beyond the objectives originally agreed upon in the project proposal and were especially successful in fostering strategic collaboration between the partners. Therefore, on completion of the project a new collaboration – the AERTOs Community – was started to support continued strategic dialogue.

The AERTOs project was officially transformed into the AERTOs Community from April 1st, 2012, and the cooperation governed by signing of Terms of Reference.

Creating strategic initiatives

Today, the AERTOs Community is composed of a group of RTOs representing 45 000 professionals. AERTOs has created a number of strategic initiatives and cooperation projects and forms thereby a powerful strategic European cooperation. The Community shows its ability to identify challenges and tackle them jointly by launching common programs and initiatives and by creating synergies and added value for the organizations involved as well as for research topics of pan-European significance.

The involved RTOs see their role in bridging the gap between science and business and delivering impact on content and structure of the European innovation system. The AERTOs Community understands its European responsibility and will therefore:

Identify critical themes and, using its critical mass, foster multidisciplinary, sustainable solutions and innovations to boost the competitiveness of enterprises in Europe,

• Address the grand challenges in support of the societal well-being,
• Participate actively in the on-going discussions on research and innovation.

This website will be regularly updated with information on the on-going activities.

Participants in Aertos